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I'm Alison - a lover of interiors and firm believer that living in feel good, functional spaces really does contribute to our overall mood and well-being.  My passion lies in helping to create those beautiful spaces for everyday people in everyday homes. 

When we relocated from the UK to Perth, it seemed the perfect time for a career change.  So, I enrolled with the Institute of Interior Design to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to follow my interiors dream.  

Accessibility was key for me when setting up in business. To many, hiring a designer seems a little intimidating and out of reach but the e-Design approach makes it simple, affordable and therefore way more accessible. This doesn't  mean that the quality of the design is compromised, but simply that some of the more costly elements have been removed.  

Living in a home styled to suit your wants and needs, with colours and furnishings that lift your spirits, brings so much comfort and better living.

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